Sunday, October 1, 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Wait till the Last Minute to Tax Prep!

Do you have a pile of receipts?

Do you keep your business transactions up to date?

Are you last-minute when it comes to filing your taxes each year?
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Tax time can be a frustrating time for many people, especially if you own a business. There are so many numbers you need to keep track of as a business owner. 

At Amador Accounting, we recommend not waiting till the last minute to prepare your taxes. Being prepared can help you:

  1. Avoid possible penalties.
  2. Get the best refund possible.
  3. Change to your accounts in a reasonable amount of time, if necessary.
  4. Come up with payment in advance.
  5. Avoid underestimating the time it takes to file.
  6. Get all the forms you need ahead of time.
  7. Expect the unexpected! Things can happen that you can’t predict.

If you’re tired of waiting till the last minute to tax prep and need help organizing your files, contact Lisa Amador, enrolled agent! Expert guidance when it comes to all things accounting is our specialty!  

Accounting Services in Belleville and the Surrounding Areas.

Contact Amador Accounting today! We’re the experts when it comes to accounting services in Belleville, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Canton and the surrounding areas. If you have a problem and need a solution, Lisa Amador can help you get organized and provide immense value to your business. (734) 330-0907

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