Thursday, October 15, 2020

COVID Slowed Down the IRS! Amador Accounting Can Help

COVID-19 has affected the day-to-day operations of the IRS just as it’s affected our lives at a more personal level.

If you’re concerned about a paper payment, your tax return, or correspondence you mailed or received during this pandemic, you might be tempted to call the IRS immediately. We recommend you wait. Call volumes are very high right now as many others are in the same boat and are calling with their concerns. Rest assured that the IRS is working to get all the mail opened and processed, and all taxpayer accounts updated.

However, if you haven’t received your Economic Impact Payment (otherwise known as the stimulus check) you can check your status on the IRS Get My Payment web page. The web page can help you figure out your status, type of payment, and if you meet the requirements to receive the stimulus check. 

As the country moves forward into the new normal, the IRS will continue to assess and respond to the impact that COVID has on taxpayers and on the health and safety of its employees. 

If you have questions as you move forward, you can call Amador Accounting for help, at 734-330-0907. 

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